3 People Share Why They Chose to Market Commercial Energy

By Mike Healy | Uncategorized

Dec 17

Increasing Retirement Income

In the last year, I have found that building a residual income is a realistic way for me and other baby boomers to secure income for retirement.

I am a college graduate and owned my own business for many years. My future looked bright, and then life happened. I found myself divorced, lost my business in which I had invested all of my retirement funds, and found myself starting over. Being 62 years old and single, it has been difficult enough supporting myself, and at the same time saving for retirement. The company I currently work for doesn’t provide any benefits, and health care costs are extremely high. Paying 100% of the costs for insurance takes a large chunk out of my paycheck.

When I was shown the residual income that could be generated in the energy deregulation market, I knew I had found my answer. I could help both individuals and businesses save hundreds to thousands of dollars on their utility bills, at no cost to them, and earn residual income month after month, instead of just getting paid a one-time commission! I was in!

It’s so refreshing to finally be involved in a business that’s truly on the ground floor, providing people with a free unbiased analysis, and building a residual income that will provide revenue for retirement. This is truly an amazing business. I’m so glad I not only saw the opportunity, but also am acting on it everyday!


Financial Freedom

Through careful research, we have found an incredible opportunity! We have partnered with a phenomenal, trustworthy company that is ahead of the wave in energy. For us energy deregulation equals financial/time freedom. Our parents had good intentions when they taught My wife and I that you have to go to school, get a degree, and get a job…. yes in that order. That is the direction we took and followed. We both have been in the medical sales industry for the past 12 years. Having three kids age 17, 14, and 3 years old, life can be hectic and costly. We knew we had to make a change,

The opportunity to earn revenue by educating others on their energy options is unique and exciting. To be able to stay home with our kids on snow days and take as many family vacations as we want has been incredible. Who knows, our dream of owning a cottage up north, might be here sooner than later. By seizing this opportunity, we are well on our way to realizing our dreams!  


Increased Leverage

I have been an entrepreneur all my life. Years ago, I found a hobby of racing homing pigeons and turned this into a profit center.  I discovered that if I found a way to monetize these young birds, I could earn money for feed and race fees.  This was my first exposure to leverage…making money on the efforts of others. I realized that leverage was overly important to get ahead.   At 21, I bought a few rental properties for extra income, which again gave me another profit center. Shortly thereafter, I got into real estate sales and began building a team of other like-minded real estate professionals.  In March 2011, after 20 years in the real estate industry, and with the downturn in the economy, my wife and I chose to sell our four RE/MAX franchise locations. With two young children, we had no idea how we were going to support our growing family.

After being self-employed for over half our lives, getting a job was out of the question.  We needed a way to earn an income that we had been accustomed to. We prayed to GOD to help us find a way to help other people as well as ourselves.  Affiliate Marketing and/or direct sales seemed to be a perfect fit.  After 2 ½ years with another company, we found ourselves out of options until we found this incredible company marketing gas and electric and helping people save money! We have been on fire ever since our introduction.












About the Author

Mike Healy is the co founder of BidPoint. Mike has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years. He is also a sought after marketing expert, internet traffic specialist, public speaker, business consultant and the author of 4 books including "How to get rich in energy deregulation".