5 Reasons to Become an Energy Agent

By Mike Healy | Uncategorized

Aug 16

Have you been thinking about the possibilities of becoming an Energy Agent? Perhaps you have been thinking about getting into the deregulated energy market but aren’t sure if this is something you’d like to do.

Today, we’ll share with you 5 reasons to become an Energy Agent with BidPoint, and how you can get your share of this 750 Billion dollar market.

Energy is a MUST Have!

Everyone uses natural gas and electricity…ESPECIALLY Businesses!

If you have any doubts that you can earn a respectable income in the deregulated energy industry, here are 5 reasons you can refer to!

  1. Energy is the ultimate consumable. As you are already aware, everyone uses natural gas & electricity and it is very likely they will continue to do so. Having the ability to earn a passive residual income on something people and businesses won’t do without should be your first clue that this is the ultimate market to be involved in.


  1. Businesses want what you have. How hard is it to convince someone to save money on something they are ALREADY USING? Not very hard, right? Consider the fact that most businesses largest cost of doing business are their utility bills, so the fact that you can help them save on those bills puts you in a position of strength when approaching businesses.


  1. It’s a sale that isn’t complicated. If you have ever sold anything before, like cars, real estate, insurance, pills, potions or lotions etc; you know there is a lot of haggling, questions, and mountains of paperwork usually involved. Our model is simple, ask a business if you can do a free analysis to see if they are being overcharged then get back with them after the supply bidding process finds better pricing and show the business savings…pretty simple, huh?


  1. Ongoing Passive Residual Income. Did you know that you can earn commissions on the business month after month, year after year? Think about that for moment… do a little work today and get paid for years and years. Did you know that most businesses sign up for long term contracts that guarantee your income?


  1. BidPoint gives you flexibility. Most people have busy lives but are interested in other streams of income whether its to help make ends meet, pay for student loans, bring the spouse home, save for retirement and the list goes on… Did you know that most people who are energy agents go about their normal lives but tend to run into business owners all the time? Its easy to ask a business owner our 8 second question, “I don’t know if I can help you or not, but if you’ll give me a copy of your utility bills, I can have them analyzed for free to see if you are being overcharged”. This simple question allows average people from all walks of life help businesses in their communities save on their bottom lines.

There are plenty of ways to make money and this may or may not be for you. Hopefully these 5 Reasons to Become an Energy Agent have given you more confidence to move forward with your interest.

If you’d like to see a little more about how our process at BidPoint works, watch the video below.













About the Author

Mike Healy is the co founder of BidPoint. Mike has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years. He is also a sought after marketing expert, internet traffic specialist, public speaker, business consultant and the author of 4 books including "How to get rich in energy deregulation".