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Feb 22

Bidpoint Energy Broker Awards and Testimonies

By Mike Healy | Energy Affiliate

At Bidpoint we love our associates!

We understand the struggles and triumphs people go through every day. Creating a secondary income for families is one of the reasons Bidpoint was created and it's heart warming to see people succeed.

Here's a flashback to one of our events and the small token of appreciation we were able to share together.

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Feb 15

Why Bidpoint’s Commercial Energy Bidding Process is Closing the Most Accounts for its Agents

By Mike Healy | Energy Affiliate

There's a reason why Bidpoint Advisors close so many deals...

We've taught our agents a simple phrase to gather commercial clients in all of our verticals, especially commercial energy.
The phrase we use is..."I don't know if I could help you or not but if you'll give me a copy of your utility bills, I can have them analyzed for free to see if you are being overcharged".
The process is really that simple. Collect the bill then let our patent pending portal process get your potential customer best pricing.
...and when the deal closes and they pay their bills, YOU GET PAID!
If you'd like to get a full understanding of what we do, how we do it and how that could create a residual income for you, then check out this video from one of our partners, Jim Charron, on how the entire process works.

Feb 07

Commercial Energy Referral Program

By Mike Healy | Energy Affiliate

Have you ever thought about the financial possibilities of becoming a Commercial Energy Referral Advisor?

Many people, just like you, are desperately seeking other ways to increase their income without having to get a second job, changing careers or becoming an internet marketing wiz.
In the video below, you'll see how simple our program is with Bidpoint and how easily you could be getting paid just for your referrals.

Some of the benefits of adding 'Commercial Energy Advisor' to your 'Side Gig' list...

1) Very little time involved. Just tap into your already existing contacts, ask them if you can do a free analysis to see if they are being over charged.
2) Get copies of their bills
3) Hand off the work to our team so we can do an analysis and get your potential client the best pricing with a non-biased quote.
4) Get Paid! Once we get the best pricing for the client, we suggest different, best pricing options. Once contracts are signed and energy begins to get delivered, we pay you again and again on the energy usage of the business.

Below is just a sampling of what can happen in the commercial space. Think of the potential earnings you could achieve by just referring any of our free services to clients.

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Dec 02

How The Energy Submission Process Works and How to Profit From It

By Mike Healy | Energy Affiliate


If you are wondering How the energy submission process works and how to Make The Most Money on Commercial Energy Accounts then you should listen to this fantastic conference call we did with Rick Moore, Bidpoint co-founder & Jim Charron, CEO of Avion Energy.

In the call Rick interviews Jim about all the details on commercial energy account submissions and what you need to know to make the most money.

Here’s the recording of the call-