I bet you have questions ...

Here's the most commonly asked questions about BidPoint.


Who is Bidpoint?

Bidpoint is the media and marketing company helping to develop the sales force for Avion Energy. Avion Energy Group has been providing natural gas and electricity to the commercial market since 2010.


Do Bidpoint agents get paid on savings or supply?

Bidpoint agents get paid on supply. Every business uses a different amount of energy, and therefore agents are paid on consumption alone.


As a Bidpoint agent, is there a cap on my income?

This is a great question! As a Bidpoint agent, you should know that there is no cap on your income. Bidpoint is a direct marketing company, which means you earn commissions based upon the consumption your clients use. You will work for yourself but not by yourself. You have the ability to write your own paycheck.


What is the relationship between Bidpoint and Avion Energy?

Bidpoint is the media and marketing company helping to develop the sales force for Avion Energy. This means that Avion Energy is the company that offers best pricing to its commercial customers. The marketing and salesforce is a team of people that market and sell direct to those consumers and help foster new relationships with new and growing businesses every day.


Who is Avion?

Avion Energy Group has been offering a best pricing model to the commercial energy industry since 2010. Avion has worked very hard from its inception to build relationships with more than 70+ energy suppliers that are willing to compete for commercial business within the states they are licensed.


Some of my prospects say they have long term contracts? What should I say to them?

Yes, your potential customers will sometimes have a contract already in place. The best thing to do for them is still to  get and submit their information. Sometimes, we can get rates so low that extending out or even canceling their contracts will work out in their favor. You should tell them that they never have to worry about being charged and they'll never be committed to anything unless they make the decision for themselves, so there's absolutely no harm in getting a quote.