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Bidpoint Advisors Earn Great Residual Incomes by Offering National, Best pricing, to Local Businesses.

Our strategic alliances through our vendor network are with some of the largest Energy, Waste & Wireless service providers in North America.

Our clients can leverage more choices and proprietary cost reduction strategies for better pricing.

At Bidpoint, our simple discovery process is to gather a client’s monthly billing statements for Energy, Waste or Wireless and review them to see where our clients are being OVERCHARGED.

Our focus is in Essential Monthly Services. Our Cost Reduction programs are designed to find our client’s ongoing Monthly and Yearly BOTTOM LINE savings.

If you’ve got a Background or Connections in the areas of Hospitality, Property and Facilities Management, even Supply Chain or Procurement, Really any kind of B to B Sales or Consulting then Bidpoint is an amazing vehicle to generate recurring, residual income in Energy, Waste & Wireless Cost Reduction.

The Geography of your Personal and Professional Connections will largely determine which offering you would lead with.


I saved a trucking company 28% on their energy bill. That was a savings of over $6,000.


Stay at Home Mom


Recently I helped a friend of mine who owns a manufacturing company save about 16% on his electric bill. His savings were about $9,600.



I reached out to a friend of mine who was in charge of the billing for a large hospital. We ended up saving them 11% which totaled $136,000 in annual savings.

Football Coach

Do you know people in these states?

Capital Funding

Do you have Personal and Professional connections with businesses that may need capital funding or lines of credit? We offer capital funding in all 50 States.

When The Big Banks Can't Help, We Can!

Incredibly Fast Business Capital, Customer Finance, & Payment Processing.

Bidpoint has a partnership with some of the most respected and reputable capital funding partners in the United States.

We offer instant approval with our simple online approval. Businesses can get immediate funding up to $2 Million in less than 48hrs. Same day funding in most cases.

Click here to learn more about funding

Commercial Energy

Do you have Personal and Professional connections in the following States? NY, NJ or PA? or MA, CT or MD? Or Maybe OH, IL or TX! These markets are GREAT for our Commercial Energy program

Bidpoint’s Energy Partners found a manufacturing client in the northeast “Best Pricing” in Electricity of over 20%. This represented a Six Figure BOTTOM LINE savings over the life of their contract.

We found a National Hotel chain “Best Pricing” in Natural Gas of over 100% with some of their Southeastern US properties. We had discovered there was a competitive pricing opportunity the client was not aware of.

A Restaurant Chain in the Midwest used our Partner’s large national energy supplier network to consolidate the “Best Pricing” process for over 50 locations across multiple utilities for double digit savings in both Natural Gas & Electricity as well as a renewal notification process to always keep them in “Best Pricing” moving forward.

Waste Cost Reduction

Do you have personal or professional connections in the following States? AL, AR or MS? Or NC, TN or GA? Or Maybe KS, MO or CO? These Markets are GREAT for our Waste Cost Reduction Program

Our Waste Partners found a Golf Course Management Company with 8 locations over 30% savings in their Waste Hauling bill, this represented over $40K a year in Savings and these savings were guaranteed for 5 years.

We found a regional Apartment Management Company in the Southeast over 115K in annual savings on 40 of their locations for their Waste hauling bills. This was also guaranteed for 5 years for the client.

We found a Retail Truck Accessory Company 46K a Year in Savings on only 3 Locations. We were also able to get the same pricing model in place for a newly opened location. These savings are good for 5 years with renewal terms that also prevent runaway cost.

Wireless Cost Reduction

Our Wireless Cost Reduction Program is GREAT EVERYWHERE IN AMERICA

Our Wireless Partners worked with the telecom department of a Multinational Manufacturer of Motorcycles, Boats & Motors we were able to find over 110K a year in annual savings. These savings continue every year.

We helped a Regional Medical Center in the Southeast save over 50K a year in their ongoing Wireless billing. We also were able to recover an additional 24K in savings over the 24 month period before the Medical Center had engaged with us.

A National Tree Service Company had just completed their yearly account review with their wireless carrier when they engaged with us. When performing our forensic wireless audit we uncovered a billing irregularity.

We had to receive special permission from their wireless carrier to perform a look back dating back 33 months. The results were a $100,00 credit to their wireless account and annual savings ongoing of $150,000 a Year.

The Discovery process is Simple and The Bottom Line Results are Continual.

The next step is to set up a 'discovery call' with one of our founders, Rick, to help you choose your best course of action. 

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