BidPoint Overview: Business Advisors Wanted

Cash Discount Program: FB Live Interview

BidPoint Energy Offering: FB Live Interview

BidPoint Energy- Brokers Wanted- Energy Agents-Intro Video

BidPoint Opportunity Call Recording with co founders, Rick Moore, Mike Healy &  Avion Energy founder, Joe Mittiga

How the Commercial Customer Process Works for BidPoint Agents

Bidpoint Training -customer submissions

How the Patent Pending Process of Energy Procurement benefits agents

How the Customer Process Works with BidPoint & Avion Energy

Joe Mittiga co founder of Avion Energy | The BidPoint & Avion Alliance Explained

Jim Charron co founder and CEO of Avion Energy Explains the Patent Pending Direct Connect Portal

New Product Launch Announcement for NTC Waste Service

Joe Mittiga shares stories of success in commercial energy


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