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Even though YOU are the most important person involved in BidPoint, we know you might want to know a little bit about the leadership here.


Our Leaders

Rick Moore
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer of Bidpoint

Rick Moore has been a part of direct marketing for several decades, and brings his vast knowledge and experience as a field leader, successful distributor, and senior level management in the energy space. Rick believes that there are five key elements of success in direct marketing including the company, product, timing, compensation, and the system. He believes that you’ll find it all here with Bidpoint.

Mike Healy
Co-Founder, Business Consultant, Director of Marketing

Mike Healy has worked successfully in direct marketing for more than 20 years, bringing valuable insight to Bidpoint on how to build teams. Mike has built teams running into the tens of thousands, sustaining a healthy full-time income for his family. Creating wealth is just one of Mike’s business skills. Additionally, Mike is a successful networker and relationship builder, with a strong desire to bring digital marketing and the tools and resources to Bidpoint for sound growth and development. The ultimate goal for Mike is to give representatives of Bidpoint the strongest marketing tools and resources possible.

Joe Mittiga
Co-Founder, Chairman of Avion Energy

Joe Mittiga has been a part of the direct marketing industry for more than 20 years, birthed from a strong desire to make a substantial difference in the lives of others while finding new ways to create wealth for his family. Joe made the switch from nutrition to energy nearly 10 years ago, and has been driven by his goal to send his children to the college of their choice someday. Joe believes that is possible by building a business in commercial energy through the foundation of rock-solid relationships.

Jim Charron
Co Founder and CEO of Avion Energy

Jim Charron brings his “energy mind” to the table for Bidpoint, referred to by Rick Moore as “the energy oz”. Jim believes that our business should be scalable for growth, and could see the need for a better system to handle the numerous requests for pricing on a daily basis.

With more than 70 energy suppliers to work with, Jim believes that Avion’s 91% customer retention rate is attributed to the “no brainer” system of customers getting their best price possible through Bidpoint’s system. He also believes that your success is based upon the ability to leverage the relationships you already have.

Hutch Hodgson
Director of Agency and Strategic Partnerships

Hutch Hodgson comes to Bidpoint with a vast knowledge of business and entrepreneurship. Hutch worked for Coca-Cola prior to receiving his MBA from Harvard. He spent 19 years traveling around Europe and Asia, but discovered that he had an itch for entrepreneurship.

Hutch discovered that The Honeybaked Ham Company had very little competition, and he founded the Heavenly Ham Company. Growing the company rapidly to 216 stores, the chain has run its course and was purchased by Honeybaked Ham in 2004. Hutch believes that the success for Bidpoint comes from having a system in place where the customer can access the best price possible. Additionally, Hutch also invested and started an in-home care agency that has reached massive success over the last 10 years. 

Monte Bertrand
Co-Founder, Marketing Strategist and Technology

Monte Bertrand comes to Bidpoint with more than 25 years’ experience in software engineering as well as web development and computer programming. Having become a networker after college, Monte has been involved in various direct marketing companies and believes in the concept and business model.

Monte’s strongest desire is to take what he has learned from the digital marketing arena and marry that to the old-school model of building relationships in direct marketing for a successful outcome. His goal is to help those relationships become stronger through the use of various digital marketing channels and resources. Additionally, Monte will also help new representatives get the training they need to be successful at building their own teams on a personal level as well as in the online marketing space.


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